Red and White Variety Quiz

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2. An important white variety in Rioja. Produces light bodied lightly perfumed table wines.

5. Produces low acid bland table wines but is ideal for producing Sherry base.

7. Native to, and widely grown in Northern Greece, this red variety can produce deeply coloured tannic wines.

10. A highly aromatic variety with a distinct oily mouthfeel.

12. Produces volumes of Californian bag in the box wines. Perhaps less well known as a distillation variety in Cognac.

13. Synonym for Malbec.

15. A red variety that brings softness and fruitiness to Valpolicella.

16. Typically unoaked, the best wines from this variety are delicate and high in acidity.

17. French synonym for a classic variety that produces wines with spicy and peppery characters.

20. The world' most widely planted variety (in area). It's white and sultana looks good up against it.

21. Principal variety in the Tokaji wines of Western Hungary.

24. Its name derives from its varietal character of violets, or mammole.

26. Also incorrectly known as Cape Riesling and Clare Riesling.

28. Pinot noir crossed with Cinsault produced this South African favourite.

30. Uraguay's answer to Shiraz. Produces hugely tannic wines of significant longevity.

31. Piedmontese variety that produces wines of high acid and tannin but relatively low flavour.

32. Grown around Perugia. Produces richly flavoured table wines with enormous almost vintage port like extract.

33. Represents 95% of the vines in the Cognac region. Also produced into millions of litres of bland, acidic white Italian table wine.


1. From Madiera. Also used to denote a medium sweet Madiera style.

3. Abbreviation for Pedro Ximenez.

4. The 'sixth" allowable red variety in Bordeaux. Now a rarity.

6. The third of the Bordeaux white trio.

8. Inferior white Burgundian variety

9. So good its typically flavoured with pine resin.

11. White variety widely grown in Eastern Europe. Produces spicy, floral wines with good acidity.

14. Principal ingredient in Soave wines.

18. Dominant Sicilian variety. The sixth most widely planted white variety in the world.

19. Its strongholds are the Hunter Valley and Graves.

20. Piedmontese variety that produces scented white wines with fragrant peach and almond notes.

22. One of the many mediocre white varieties permitted in Chateauneuf du Pape. Sounds like a blocked toilet.

23. A low acid variety from Piedmont that produces fruity medium bodied red wines.

25. Produces perfumed peachy wines with a distinct viscous mouth-feel.

27. Genetically equivalent to Zinfandel.

29. Has a high level of natural acidity even when ripe making it popular in warm climates such as California's Central Valley.


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