Sparkling Wine Crossword

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4. A fermentation sometimes used in sparkling wine production

5. A sweet sparkling wine style made from muscat varieties

7. A descriptor of high quality sparkling wines

10. A positive character describing the mouthfeel produced by the bubbles in sparkling wine

13. Another name for the tank method of making sparkling wine

16. The least expensive method of making sparkling wine

19. High quality sparkling wines do not display this general character

20. A step used in the transfer method to remove dead yeast cells during sparkling wine production

21. The name given to base wines from previous vintages used in sparkling wine blends

22. A sparkling wine that does not display any sweetness

24. The name of the ferment used to produce the bubbles in traditional sparkling wine production

28. A variety used to make high quality Australian red sparkling wines

30. The white grape variety which is used to make both sparkling wines and full bodied table wines

31. Some sparkling wines have this taste

32. The name given to dead yeast that falls to the bottom of the bottle during sparkling wine production

33. Another word for blend

34. The foam produced by sparkling wine


1. Traditional method of making sparkling wine (2 words no spaces)

2. Name for sparkling wine made only from white grapes (3 words no spaces)

3. The premium red grape variety used to produce sparkling wines

6. The agent used to sweeten sparkling wines just prior to corking

8. Name given to a sparkling wine that has been produced using both white and red grape varieties (3 words no spaces)

9. Only this type of juice is used to produce premium sparkling wine (2 words no space)

11. All sparkling wines have this taste

12. Sparkling wines in which all the base wine components were made from grapes picked in the same year

14. The bubbles of sparkling wine

15. An unacceptable sparkling wine character

17. The name of the ferment used to produce the base wine in sparkling wine production

18. The process of removing dead yeast from the bottle during sparkling wine production

23. Sparkling wines are low in this. Full bodied table wines are high in this.

25. The process of tipping and turning to settle yeast into the neck of the bottle

26. A neutral grape variety used to produce low priced simple sparkling wines in Australia

27. Type of pressing used to extract the juice needed to make premium quality sparkling wines (2 words no spaces)

29. When yeast cells release flavours into sparkling wine during its making


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