Table Wine Crossword

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3. The scientific name given to the European grapevine

4. The scientific name given to the family of grape vines

6. As the grape ripens this acid reduces in the grape

7. An unpleasant taste found in some wines

10. A variety commonly described as being spicy in character

13. The generic name for a full bodied red wine

14. A winemaking process which ensures that the wine will not produce hazes or deposits in the bottle

15. A variety that produces light bodied high acid white wines

17. The formation from grapes after grape vine flowering

18. The process of converting the energy from sunlight into sugars by grapevine leaves

21. Cold stabilisation of wines ensures that these crystals do not form in the bottle

26. A general term used to describe green vegetable like characters in wine

29. The process of supplying vines with water

31. The scientific name given to red grape colour

36. The process of adding sugar to juices prior to fermentation

38. The collective name given to leaves and shoots of the vine

40. The variety Pinot Gris produces wines with this unusual mouthfeel

41. The name given to the fermentation of grape juices which have not been clarified

43. An important aspect of the appearance of white wines

45. The European grapevine is often grafted on to one of these

46. The climatic conditions experienced immediately around the vicinity of the bunch

47. General term for floral and citrus characters in white wine

48. A flavour produced by lactic acid bacteria during secondary fermentation

49. A variety that produces intense floral aromas and flavours


1. The amount of grapes produced by the vine

2. A common descriptor of Shiraz wines

5. The use of this substance in winemaking results in the label warning 'may contain traces of fish products'

6. The generic name given to light bodied slightly sweet white table wines

8. An Italian variety which produces medium bodied wines with high tannin

9. The name given to slightly different types of grapevine

11. How long the flavour of wine lasts after tasting

12. A way to describe a wine which has little character

16. One of the top three wine producing nations

18. The fleshy part of the grape which contains most of the sugar

19. The use of sulfur dioxide prevents this

20. Another name for the sense of smell

22. A variety which is often oaked and typically produces full bodied white wines

23. A major vineyard task conducted during winter

24. The predominant acid found in grapes

25. The secondary fermentation does this to the wine

27. Red wine colour is found in this part of the grape

28. A secondary fermentation conduced in wine by bacteria

30. Another word for the strength of aroma and flavour

32. The set of poles and wires to which the grapevine is trained

33. The stage of grape ripeness when the grapes start to soften and produce colour

34. The sourness of the wine

35. The type of filtration used to remove yeasts and bacteria from white wine before bottling

37. The drying sensation left in the mouth after tasting red wine

39. A deadly root borne pest of grapevines

41. The most common way of clarifying white grape juice prior to fermentation

42. A variety commonly blended with Sauvignon Blanc

44. A substance found in wine that contributes to body


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