Olive Oil Crossword

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1. Most common solvent used to extract oil from pomace.

2. Inedible grade of virgin olive oil.

3. Quaint Australian term for olives harvested from trees that are either 'wild' or are from abandoned groves of unknown variety.

5. An olive oil variety that has the same meaning as "olive oil mill" in Italian.

10. A Spanish variety that generally makes delicate fruity oils.

12. One of the polyunsaturated 18 carbon fatty acids.

14. The tactile sensation produced by oils high in polyphenols.

16. Common olive pest that has a symbiotic relationship with ants.

17. This early ripening variety is widely grown in the South West of Western Australia.

19. The process of mixing or kneading the olive paste prior to pressing or centrifugation.

21. General style label given to olive oils that are high in bitterness and pungency.

22. Watery fraction containing vegetable matter that forms at the bottom of settling tanks.

23. The classic shape that many olive trees are pruned to.

24. Flesh of the olive.

25. Another name for the olive pip.


1. The compound in olive oil that gives its green grassy character.

4. Mixture of olive oil and water.

6. The major chemical component of olive oil.

7. Common marketing name for refined olive oil to which a small amount of virgin olive oil has been added.

8. The defect in olive oil caused by not expediently processing harvested olives into oil.

9. The class of naturally occuring compounds in olive oil that give it it's characteristic bitterness and pungency.

11. The variety that consitutes the largest plantings in terms of area than any other in the world

13. Name of the most common fatty acid found in olive oil.

15. The name of a Spanish variety which translates to English as "white leaf"

18. Common name given to olives that have been subjected to below zero temperatures.

19. An olive oil defect that smells and tastes of salami or parmesan cheese.

20. What is left after the oil and vegetable water has been extracted.


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