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The Olive Oil Tasting Wheel
Terms to Describe the Aroma and Taste of Olive Oil

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Olive Oil Tasting Resources: Olive Oil Descriptors Olive Oil Descriptors: Free list of olive oil descriptors. Includes descriptors of both positive attributes and defects (13k pdf format). Click here.
Olive Oil Tasting Resource: Olive Oil Wheel Olive Oil Tasting Wheel Sorry this one's not actually free, but it is an inexpensive and invaluable olive oil tasting resource. In laminated A4 format, it is a must for those interested in tasting and understanding extra virgin olive oil. Click here to view, and if you like it, order.
100pt European Tasting Sheet for Olive Oil 20pt Australian show tasting sheet for olive oils Specialist Olive Oil Score Cards: These olive oil tasting sheets are based on a 20pt Australian (right icon) and 100pt European (left icon) system. (12k-15k pdf format)
Generic Olive Oil Tasting Sheet Tasting Sheet When Tasting with Others Two Specialist Olive Oil Description and Rating Cards: Nice olive oil tasting sheets. Each allows for numerous olive oils per page. A generic card (left icon) allows room to record the the intensity of aroma, flavour, bitterness and pungency, plus a comment on the style of the oil. The other (right icon) can be used to profile oils. (10k pdf format)
Chart explaining the different grades of olive oil Olive Oil Grades Chart: A chart explaining the different grades of olive oil. Learn what makes an extra virgin olive oil different from a 'Pure' or 'Light' olive oil (37k pdf format). Click here to view.
Table explaining the different chemical parameters of olive oil Olive Oil Chemistry Table: Want to know what free fatty acidity, fatty acid profile and polyphenol content (and many others) mean? A table explaining the relevance of olive oil chemical parameters (pdf format). Click here to view.
olive oil frequently asked questions Frequently Asked Questions About Olive Oil: My attempt at fixing the confusion surrounding olive oil. Detailed answers to your questions about how olive oil is made, how to store it and what stuff on the labels means. Click here or pdf format
Four Glass Olive Oil Place Mat Running a small olive oil tasting, and want it to look professional? Download a free four glass place set mat (Labelled A-D) here. (10k pdf format)
Olive Oil Crossword Solutions, How did you go? Print out this challenging but fun crossword about olive oil (left icon). You can also obtain the key here (right icon).
Olive Oil Tasting Translations: English-French English-French and French-English translations of olive oil terms. Includes aroma, defects, textural, taste, structure, general olive oil tasting, olive oil types and technical production terms. English-French French-English pdf format (33k).
Olive Oil Terms: English-Italian Translations English-Italian and Italian-English translations of olive oil terms. Includes aroma, defects, textural, taste, structure, general olive oil tasting, olive oil types and technical production terms. English-Italian Italian-English pdf format (33k).
Wine Tasting Articles Olive Oil Articles Original articles covering a variety of olive oil topics.
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