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The most up to date knowledge of how aroma molecules can be incorporated into a solid matrix is used in the production of the Wine Aroma Dictionary's 'rub and release' aroma pads.
The 'rub and release' pads are designed to release a realistic wine related odour every time they are rubbed. Yes, that's right. You can use them time and time and time again.

The aroma inclusion process used in the Aroma Dictionary ensures that the aroma molecules are securely trapped within the aroma pad. This means that the pads are relatively odourless, so they don't interfere with each other when they are stored and not in use. The firm inclusion of the odour in the aroma pad is also the reason why the aroma zones are extremely long lasting. However, just smell how they come to life when they are rubbed!
Wine Aroma Dictionary order information

Wine Aroma Dictionary order information
Finally, the aroma materials used in the Aroma Dictionary have been carefully selected, and tested, and represent only the finest quality aroma products. All our smells are selected and created by a qualified winemaker to enhance your learning experience. We go to this trouble as we know that no matter how sophisticated the inclusion process, the smell that you get, is only as good as the smell that we put in.
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