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What Our Customers (and Others) Say About the Wine Aroma Dictionary

"So Gawel's Wine Aroma Dictionary gets a definite thumbs up while the
(one of our competitors products-RG) gets a 'treat with caution'.
Tim White, The Australian Financial Review, July 27-28, 2002

"I gave myself a Christmas gift-the Wine Aroma Dictionary. I traditionally keep the best gift till old Christmas Day-6th January.

What a wonderful item it is - the aromas are so authentic- several years ago, at many times the cost, I purchased the very expensive French Tasting Kit. Over time I will be able to compare them. ... Please keep me informed of any new products".

Geoff, Newfoundland, Canada.

"We run wine appreciation courses in our wine room. I think it is terrific and will continue to promote it amongst the wine people I come in contact with".
Margie, Adelaide, South Australia.

"I saw, or should I say, smelled one that a friend of mine had. I just had to have one for myself". Claire, Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia.

"How clever is this ... ". Myung, Seoul, South Korea.

"I appreciated a lot your general attention for the customer. It has been important to me that in every moment you never made me felt abandoned for my order by letting me understand that you strongly WANTED me to have the stuff. All the best".
(this is one of the very rare ones that 'went astray' in transit. But we made absolutely sure that the customer received his copy- RG)
Marco, Naples, Italy.

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