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How do I use the Wine Aroma Dictionary?  ||  The Aroma Dictionary consists of three tiers. The middle tier lists general aroma classes such as 'tropical fruit' or 'red berry', while the outer tier comprises the specific terms that are commonly used to describe wines such as 'passionfruit' and 'blackcurrant'. The specific outer tier terms are grouped together into the more general middle tier class that best describes them.

Given this background, here is an example of how you could use the Wine Aroma Dictionary - one of the middle tier categories is 'spice'. The outer tier terms includes the commonly encountered examples of 'spicyness' in wine such as 'clove' and 'nutmeg'. So if you see a wine that generally reminds you of something 'spicy' then viewing the specific terms on the outer tier associated with 'spicyness' will point you to that 'tip of the nose' aroma that you are searching for.

So what does the inner tier of the Aroma Dictionary tell you?  ||  Different wine aromas and flavors arise from either the grape or winemaking practices such as oak maturation or bottle development. Once you have identified the aroma you can refer to the inner tier to which the aroma belongs to get an idea as to where the aroma/flavor probably came from.

Who developed the Wine Aroma Dictionary and Olive Oil Tasting Wheel? ||  Our principal developer is Richard Gawel.  Richard is a winemaking graduate of the famous Australian wine school at Roseworthy in South Australia. Richard was a full time professional wine educator specialising in wine technology and sensory evaluation at Roseworthy and later at the University of Adelaide for 12 years before joining Recognose.  Richard is also one of Australias most experienced olive oil taster being Presiding Judge of the Royal Perth, Royal Adelaide, Royal Canberra and Australian National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Shows for nearly a decade. He has also been an invited judge at the Los Angeles International, Olives Japan, Greece Athena International, and the Southern Hemisphere Internationals. He is also the author of many scientific papers and general interest articles on various aspects of wine and olive oil sensory evaluation, winemaking and viticulture. You can see a list of some of his publications here.

I am a wine educator. Can I obtain a quantity discount for my students? ||  We offer generous discounts for multiple orders, particularly if it furthers wine understanding and knowledge.

Do you consider requests for reproduction of either the Wine Aroma Dictionary or Olive Oil Tasting Wheel? ||  No. However we have produced wine and olive oil aroma lists and other winetasting and olive oil tasting resources which you can freely use for non-commercial purposes provided our authorship is acknowledged. You can find links to these at the bottom of the page.

Does Recognose do anything else other than produce the Wine Aroma Dictionary and Olive Oil Tasting Wheel? ||  Yes, although Recognose is primarily in the business of publishing these two products, we also supply wine aroma reference materials in other forms to help wine consumers understand wine and olive oil aromas and flavours.
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